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I created this guide to help you manage your account and subscription! It is visual with pictures to guide you! This guide will be what we will refer everyone to view!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add/remove something from my order?

Unfortunately once an order is placed items cannot be removed or added.

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! While we wish could, once an order is placed, we are unable to alter or cancel it at this time.

Can I combine orders?

We do not merge orders but We can ship orders together if you let us know in advance (we do not look to see if there are multiple orders)

However, we do not issue shipping credits or refunds when we do ship orders together.

What are the discount terms?

You can read our full discount policy here

Restrictions may apply when using discounts and combining sales.

*Our discounts currently do not all stack, but some do.

You can combine up to 2 discounts. 

However, If our shop has items on sale that requires no code (you will see the price reflect that automatically) you can not stack a coupon code and free shipping with the sale.

You can not use (example) 10% off discount code on items already marked down with an automatic discount.

That would be 3 discounts. Our system does not honor that.

If at anytime our discount codes do not stack it will be because of limitations in our system or that specific coupon code does not allow it. 

Our system is set up to choose the best savings for you and applies it. So if items in your cart show 50% off and you add 2 codes, our system will chose the best discount option for you. 

Trying to use too many discounts or codes with cause an error in our system. Please do not try to exceed the limits of our shops system. 

My order is wrong what do I do?

If you happen to get the wrong kit

email us for help. info@themakersmap.com

Include your name and order number

My order arrived and something is broken or missing

If your order arrived and something is broken or missing we will do our best to correct the issue.

Full details here how to request help

I had an item in my cart and it sold out before I could pay, why is that?

Our inventory is tracked on availability. Our carts do not HOLD items for you. It is a first come first served system.

Example: 2 people can have the same SINGLE item left in our inventory in their cart, however our system isn't holding 2 items, it doesn't track it that way. You can both have the item in your cart but once you check out the inventory automatically updates to reflect the item is now sold out. 

How do I get discounts?

We send out discounts and promitions to our email subscribers and occasionally to our text subscribers.

The best way to get access to discounts is to join our email list.

You can join the email list here

(also log in to your account dashboard and go to your account and choose to turn on accepts marketing)

Other ordering questions?

email us


Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We ship USPS and occasionally UPS. You’ll be asked to select a delivery method during checkout. Ground Advantage or Priority are the most common.

How long will it take to get my order?

Go to your account dashboard to check and manage your order. Here is a helpful guide

We strive to ship in 7-10 days. In some cases orders ship next day, that varies on what is ordered.

Typically orders ship in 7-14 days. During busy times it may be longer.

We understand you want your order sent asap. We fill orders as quickly as we can. We do not work 24/7. We fill orders M-F. Occasionally on the weekends.

But orders can take longer to ship out. We appreciate your patience.

In Feb 2023 we moved to our new warehouse and we are working to get our shipping time to under 2 weeks. However there are busy times where it may take longer. 

Sometimes when packing orders, we notice something broken, missing or incorrect and we cut a replacement. This takes time.

In rare instances, Orders may take up 4 weeks to fill. Our kits are cut and created in the order received.

During busy times there may be a delay, especially during holidays.

But you will get a shipping notification when your order has processed and shipped out. During busy times orders may require up to 4 weeks to fill. 

Once your order ships the Postal Service will update the tracking at that point. 

Note: Some items are cut to order. These are items that are not in our inventory room. We do not have a warehouse big enough to stock all our kits.

Thank you for your patience.

Free Shipping

Free shipping terms

Occasionally we will offer free shipping promotions and some items will ship free with no code such as our monthly boxes.

Free shipping promotion* is only offered to USA residents.

Free shipping isn’t actually free. We are offering this as a discount to our customers, however WE are paying the shipping fee. No postal service actually offers free shipping. 

*If your purchase qualifies for free shipping it will be reflected in your cart that your total was $125 before shipping.

You must spend $125 before shipping costs to qualify on a single order. We can not modify your orders or combine them.

We can not apply any discounts after your order has been placed. We can not edit orders.

NO, We do not reimburse you if you do not use the free shipping code. We also can not modify your order if you do not use the code. 

We will not cancel your order so you can start over. 

All our other shipping policies still apply. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

*At this time there are some restrictions to combining multiple discounts. Our system will chose the discount that saves you the most and apply it. Even if you enter a code, our system chooses. HOWEVER, you can combine the free shipping discount with a coupon code. But you can not combine 2 discount codes, automatic discounts with free shipping code. 

Each order is given an order number, we can not combine orders. Because we fill orders in the order received your orders will not arrive in one box. We go by order numbers not customers. 

We can not issue credits if you do not use discount codes. 

What is the shipping policy?

Full Shipping Policy in detail is found on the Shipping Policy Page.

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information. Shipping fees are non-refundable and in the situation where your order is returned to us there is additional shipping fees required.

Do you ship Internationally?

We ship to the USA and Canada at this time. Additional Shipping costs will apply.

email us if you need help


My order was returned to you? What do I do?

We will reship an order returned to us with payment of additional shipping fees.

Sometimes we never get your package back to us. In that event we do not offer to replace the order.

Returned packages are out of our control.

Please verify your address is correct.

We are not responsible to reship a returned package.

We do not issue a refund for a returned package.

I just noticed my address is incorrect, what do i do?

If you placed an order and you notice the address is wrong or going to an old address please email us immediately

We will do our best to correct the address on the order but you need to update your address in your account.

If your order already shipped out? We recommend address forwarding. There is nothing we can do once the order is fulfilled and shipped out.

If y

What is your refund, exchange policy?

All sales are final.

If we made a mistake we will correct it. 

We do not offer credits, exchanges, or refunds. We do not offer cancellations. 

You are responsible to enter the correct email address and shipping/mailing address. 

We are not responsible for misspellings or incorrect addresses.

We are not responsible for duplicate orders placed.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

We are not responsible for your ordering errors. 

We are not responsible if you do not properly utilize and add, and apply all discount codes or add a second item to your cart if and when we offer a B1G1 sale. (You must add the second item to your cart for B1G1)

We do not cancel orders placed and we do not cancel orders to apply discounts. 

We do not edit orders.

If an item arrives damaged reach out to us asap info@themakersmap.com however you need to file a claim with the USPS.com we do not offer to send replacements for broken items

We are not responsible to cancel your order because you "accidentally" clicked checkout and pay or ordered twice.

We will not refund you or cancel your order because "you thought you were ordering from "so and so's" shop.

If you place an order, your order will be completed. 

We will not issue refunds or credits if an item goes on sale, or clearance after you purchased.

If you had a coupon code and either it did not work, or it was not applied or you forgot to use it we can not add it later. Coupons are subject to change in dates and quantity and there is no promise that a coupon will work.

We do not issue credits for coupons. Coupons hold no cash value. We do not issue refunds for unused gift certificates.


I never got my order, what should I do?

If you placed an order and your shipping address is correct and it shows delivered please reach out to your local post office, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, packages.

If your address is incorrect, we explain very clearly on the website to verify that your address is correct before you submit your order. If you are not sure please email us so we can check your order status in our system. But we can not promise that we can change the address. (make sure your subscription box address is updated)


How do I manage my Subscription?

You manage your subscription in your account dashboard.

Login to your account

We do not manage subscriptions for you.

If you need to update your address, credit card on file or cancel login and manage it in your account area.

I created a helpful guide for those who have trouble. ACCESS THE GUIDE HERE

You can also visit the Subscription help page here

Emailing us, messaging us or commenting on socials does not cancel your subscription. You are required to login to actually cancel it.

If you are paying via paypal you will need to login to your account in my shop and follow the prompts to update the paypal authorization.

What is your subscription policy?
How do I subscribe to the Crafty Crate?

Visit the Crafty Crate subscription landing page to learn about the craft box. Then visit the product link to subscribe.

When does the payment process for the Crafty Crate?

You are charged the day you sign up. You will next be charged on the 1st of the next month.

Our billing cycle is always on the 1st.

If you sign up on the 25th you are billed immediately, you will then be billed on the 1st of the next month.

You will then be billed regularly on a monthly basis on the 1st until you cancel.

You can see the yearly schedule here

When will my Crafty Crate Subscription box ship?

You can view the shipping schedule here.

We print labels before the packages actually ship. This is not uncommon.

You will get notified when your box ships and you will be able to track your box after the ship date on the calendar.

How do I update my payment on file for the Craft subscription box?

Login to your account and go to the account dashboard and go to the slider and find subscriptions.


The Options are there to manage it and update your address and your card on file.

Help updating my address

You will need to update your address in your main account area and in the subscription tab in your account.


(our system processes subscriptions differently than regular orders)

Be sure to go to both places and change your address.

Q's About our Wood Craft Kits

Do the craft kits come with instructions or a tutorial?

I have started adding the tutorial replays to each product page in the media section.

I have also started uploading them to Youtube.

Otherwise, we provide a photo on our website showing the kit and the pieces. Not all kits have a tutorial. 

If you want to request a tutorial of a kit you purchased email Amber


I also created an information page to help you get started crafting with our kits

Previously the tutorials were organized in a facebook group we have stopped adding them there.

Who designs the kits?

Some of our kits I design myself.

Some of our kits are designs by other small business owners. I purchase the files and the license to commercially sell blanks.

Please do not copy, trace or try to recreate the designs.

That is not acceptable.

I have a laser and want to make your kits myself, can I do that?

No unfortunately you can not trace or copy the kit designs. Many of these I purchase and have a commercial license to use.

You will need to purchase your own file from the designers.

Other designs I make myself. You can not copy or trace or re-create the kits offered in my shop.

In the future if we offer svgs you will not have commercial rights to sell blanks.

I see other shops offering the same kits you do? Why are your prices different & how are you selling the same kits?

Other shops may have purchased the same file that I have. That isn't uncommon.

Each of our businesses operate differently and our costs and materials will be different.

There will be times where shops may offer the same kits, in different sizes, quantities, and different materials.

This is not uncommon.

The file creators sell their files to multiple business owners who purchase a license to offer blank kits and cut outs or finished products. 

Each shop/business has a different customer base and each of our businesses may have overlap in our customers.

We tailor our products around our customers and the market. I personally know and respect many crafters and shop owners and we support each other. 

I do not offer to price match. I set my prices based on the market and my business.

What are your wood cut outs made from?

Great question!

We use 1/8 in mdf. It is durable, paintable and a great material for wood cut outs.

We have used this material on our front door, exposed to the elements and have not had any issues.

We do recommend you seal the wood cut outs before using outdoors.

Are all kits stocked in inventory?

A lot of our wood cut outs are stocked in our inventory room.

Our warehouse can not accommodate all our kits to be stocked in a room at this time. For that reason, some of our kits are made / cut to order.

Please have patience when ordering.


Tutorials are done on Facebook live. Some are recorded.

Amber has all the tutorials on her facebook page in the videos tab.

We are adding the tutorials that Amber has done to the product pages of each kit that has been crafted.

If there is no video on the product page, reach out to us. We can add it or add to the list for Amber to craft.

Amber has also been adding the video replays to her youtube channel.

(at one point the replays were going to the facebook tutorial group, but due to some changes with facebook we are no longer adding them there)

please find the product that you purchased on the shop website, go to the media and photo section. we will add the replay of the tutorials there

Otherwise, not all kits have a tutorial. if you need support ask before leaving a review or making a complaint.

Thank you again for understanding and patience.

If you are interested in filming tutorials to share with the community please let me know.


Wholesale / Bulk

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes we offer wholesale and bulk pricing options.

Visit the wholesale information page for more information or email us


Group Discounts?

Reach out to me for group discount pricing for craft party or church group craft night.


Need Laser Cutting Services?

We offer laser cutting services to small businesses who want to offer wood cut outs and kits but do not have a laser.

We have 4 industrial lasers.

We work with several small businesses and cut their products and ship them to them.

We do offer wholesale pricing if you are interested in us cutting for you.

email us info@themakersmap.com

Digital Products

How do I download digital products?

A link will be sent to the email you used during checkout and can be downloaded through there - make sure and check your spam folder.

You can also access them on a desktop computer.

Follow this guide for help

How do I access Paint with Amber Classes?

When you purchase a Paint with Amber class you are emailed the supply list in a download link to your email.

Check your spam folder

Once you access the download you will save it to your computer and open the pdf file.

The links to the group, video and supply list will be in the pdf.

The pdf is a clickable document on a device but not in the printed form.

How do I access Paint with Amber Tracers?

When you purchase a Paint with Amber class you are emailed the supply list in a download link to your email.

The TRACER is linked in the pdf for you to print out.

Check your spam folder

Once you access the download you will save it to your computer and open the pdf file.

The links to the group, video and supply list will be in the pdf.

The pdf is a clickable document on a device but not in the printed form.

Help printing printables and tracers?

Printables and tracers can be resized in your printer settings.

You can also use posterprint as well.

You can print them on cardstock, computer paper.

I use an epson printer.

Affiliate Program

How do I join the affiliate program?

Visit the Affiliate program page for details and the form to sign up.

Do you offer Kits for Influencers?

On occasion we will send out kits to influencers to do demos and create tutorials and a finished product in exchange for a commission and permission to use the photos and video.

If you are an influencer or creator and would like more information about joining our affiliate program and possibly collaborating reach out to Amber


I'm looking for.....

Ambers Sharing Group

Join the Facebook group here

Please read the rules and agree to follow them.

The only links allowed in the group are my links and links from our affiliates.

Amber's Tutorial Group
Free Paint with Amber Group
Crafty Crate Group

Our craft box is crafted in the monthly box group on facebook.

Crafty Crate Facebook Group

Amber's Craft Blog
Notifications from Amber
Watch Amber's Facebook Lives

The account support guide was created to help you through different areas of our website and account management.


Our App

How do I get the free app?

You can use this link to access it in the apple app store DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE

You can also search the app store

Android users our app is coming soon for you!

I need help using the app?

Once you download the app, please login using your same login information from my website.

You will be able to shop our store from your phone.

Some products may not be available for purchase in the app such as our subscription box.

Some things you may not be able to manage in the app and you will need to visit the website.

You can still use discounts and promotions and shop live replays, pop videos and the shop.

A full menu is coming soon with organized collections.

I am still having trouble using the app.

email us with your issue and we will send the information to the tech support for them to fix any bugs that may be happening.

App Notification help

One of the features of having an app is that we can send push notifications to you so you do not miss a live, a new launch or a special promotion.

You will need to have notifications enabled in the app to get them.

We will still do our best to send other notifications as well.