Do the craft kits come with instructions or a tutorial?

We have a tutorial group on facebook where tutorials will be added once the kit has been crafted. Otherwise, we provide a photo on our website showing the kit and the pieces. Not all kits have a tutorial. 

How long will it take to get my order?

In Feb 2023 we moved to our new warehouse and we are working to get our shipping time to under 2 weeks. However there are busy times where it may take longer. 

Orders may take up 4 weeks to fill. Our kits are cut and created in the order received. During busy times there may be a delay. But you will get a shipping notification when your order has processed and shipped out. During busy times orders may require up to 4 weeks to fill. 

Once your order ships the Postal Service will update the tracking at that point. 

Questions or concerns with an order or product please email our team 

info@themakersmap.com or michelle@themakersmap.com

What if my order is missing an item or it arrives damaged?

If your order is missing an item (such as a craft kit is missing a piece) let us know and be sure to submit a photo to us. We inspect all items before shipping. 

If your order arrives damaged, please email us. Most packages shipped do come with insurance and we can provide you with information to submit a claim. We are not responsible for damaged items due to shipping process. 

However, if it is an issue on OUR part, we will replace the damaged item once you submit photos and allow us to resolve the issue. You may still need to file an insurance claim if we feel the damage is not on our part.

I had an item in my cart and it sold out before I could pay, why is that?

Our inventory is tracked on availability. Our carts do not HOLD items for you. It is a first come first served system.

Example: 2 people can have the same SINGLE item left in our inventory in their cart, however our system isn't holding 2 items, it doesn't track it that way. You can both have the item in your cart but once you check out the inventory automatically updates to reflect the item is now sold out. 

How long after I order is my order shipped?

We pack orders everyday in the order received. We pull and pack orders in the order they are placed. Your order could be picked same day or the next week. Order picking and packing time will vary. 

I have several open orders, can you send them all together?

We fill orders in the order they are placed and we go by order numbers. We do not fill orders by customer name. For this reason we do not combine customer orders.

I never got my order, what should I do?

If you placed an order and your shipping address is correct and it shows delivered please reach out to your local post office, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, packages.

If your address is incorrect, we explain very clearly on the website to verify that your address is correct before you submit your order. If you are not sure please email us so we can check your order status in our system. But we can not promise that we can change the address. (make sure your subscription box address is updated)

Part of my order shipped and was delivered, where is the rest?

Apparel and mugs are filled in a fulfillment center. Those items will ship separately. Other items in the shop are filled in house. You will get a tracking number for each package shipped in your order. If you have any concerns please reach out. 

Do you offer refunds, exchanges or credits?

We do not offer cancellations, refunds, exchanges, or credits. We also do not reship or replace lost or stolen packages. Once the order/package leaves our facility it is in the hands of the postal service. Each package has insurance up to $100 if you chose that shipping option. At that point you would file a claim with the USPS. We can not change your address either. We will not send a new order because your shipping address was incorrect.

We are not responsible for duplicate orders placed. Please double check your orders and order history prior to ordering. We do not cancel orders placed. If you duplicate your quantity or purchase multiples or submit payment without allowing page to respond resulting in double order it is your responsibility. Please be patient while Checking out. Please check your order history before purchasing to ensure you are not placing duplicate orders.

Do you ship outside the USA?

We do not ship outside the USA or Canada at this time. 

I ordered a printable but I never received it, How can i access it?

All of our printable and digital designs are delivered to the email you typed in. If you typed the wrong email you can send us an email to have it resent to you. OR you can log in to your account and access your purchase there after you update your email address.

Can I sell items using your printables?

At this time you are not able to sell items made with our printables. We do not currently offer a license to do so. You may not resell the files or alter the printables either.

I have a laser and want to make your kits myself, can I do that?

No unfortunately you can not trace or copy the kit designs. Many of these I purchase and have a commercial license to use. Other designs I make myself. You can not copy or trace or re-create the kits offered in my shop. You would need to purchase the file yourself and the license to use the file yourself.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk discounts? 

We are working on offering bulk/wholesale ordering. Please check back later.

I see other shops offering the same kits you do? Why are your prices different and how are you selling the same kits?

Other shops may have purchased the same file that I have. That isn't uncommon. Each of our businesses operate differently and our costs and materials will be different. There will be times where shops may offer the same kits, in different sizes, quantities, and different materials. This is not uncommon. The file creators sell their files to multiple business owners who purchase a license to offer blank kits and cut outs or finished products. 

Each shop/business has a different customer base and each of our businesses may have overlap in our customers. We tailor our products around our customers and the market. I personally know and respect many crafters and shop owners and we support each other. 

How do I manage my subscription?

Login to your account and go to manage subscriptions.


If you have other questions that are not addressed please email us to info@themakersmap.com

You can use the chat feature at the bottom right corner of our website to send us an inbox message as well. It is not live chat support but we do communicate there. 

Please understand a facebook comment or message is not an appropriate way to communicate with us. It is best to always email us.