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Here at The Maker's Map we love to see what our customers are making and creating with our products.

Our creative community is one we wish to grow and be a part of for generations to come. Inspiring other makers and providing creative expression is part of our brand and mission and here’s where you can be a part of it!

The Maker's Map Affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn commission on sales made from your promotion of our products! Whether that be through your website, blog or social media channels, live videos, and posts.

How it works is simple: you get rewarded with a 10% commission for sales generated through your affiliate link . We’ll even provide you with the custom links and banners to post, it’s that easy!

We encourage you to post your own photos and videos of what YOU create along with your affiliate links!

  • Step 1 : Sign up

  • Step 2: Wait for approval

  • Step 3: Once Approved Login

  • Step 4: Access your dashboard

  • Step 5: Find your affiliate links

  • Step 6: Create Content & use your links to promote our products.

  • Step 7: Earn Commission from sales through your affiliate links!
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You earn a commission when a customer clicks your affiliate link and makes a qualifying purchase. (some products may not qualify)

You will earn a 10% commission.

You may also earn 3% commission of the affiliates commission that signs up under you.

We ask that you disclose that you are using an affiliate link and that you are earning a commission from the purchase. (this verbage is required for blogs and websites)

(example: this is my affiliate link. You may also add where applicable, I earn a commission from your purchase)

You can share our posts, videos, blog shop or post a photo, video, blog, website banner, you can email a link, give the link in messenger or texts..... there are many ways you can promote and earn!

You will just use your affiliate link when sharing.

*We do ask that you use your own photos and videos when promoting products. If you want to use our photos you will be required to add watermarks to the images.

Yes, I am in!

Do you have a business?

We are excited to offer our affiliate program to fellow makers, creators and crafters who have businesses, pages, blogs, website and a community they nurture!

We are excited to partner with fellow small businesses! We already have several business owners who purchase our kits and craft them on the blogs, websites and pages but now you can earn a commission when you promote our products to your community!

This is really exciting! We hope you are excited too!

No business? Just love to craft?

You can join too! That is right! Our affiliate program acts almost as a referral source but you earn a commission not points!

As a customer, When you purchase our products, craft them and post the photos of your finished crafts you will simply use your affiliate link to guide people to purchase through your special link! You can earn while you craft and show off your creations!

I am very excited to offer this to all our customers who want to post and earn an commission from sales generated through their links.

You will use your links on your personal profiles if you do not have a business page. You can also use your link in groups and communities that allow promotions. (be sure to follow the rules now)

Use the form Below to Sign up!

Once your submission is approved you will be notified via email with the information to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the earnings threshold?

Commissions are paid out the month after your reach $100 threshold.

How do I get paid?

This is a great question!

Our affiliates are paid through paypal.

If you do not have a paypal account you will need to sign up for one to particpate.

Can I use your photos?

We ask that you use your own photos. But on a rare occasion we can approve you to use our images only if you watermark them and do not alter them in any way or use them for other purposes other than to promote our products as an affiliate.

In your dashboard there are marketing images provide for you to use if you do not have your own images.

You will need to reach out to us to ask exclusive permission.

We strongly encourage you to use your own photos to promote.

Can I use your videos?

You can share our videos and use your affiliate link to promote. We ask that when sharing our videos, that you only share the video links where allowed. Be sure to use your affiliate link and disclose that your link is an affiliate link.

Do you send free products?

On occasion we are able to send free products for you to craft with and promote our products. If we decide to do that we will reach out to you.

Otherwise, no we do not send free products to our affiliates. There is no purchase necessary to promote our products and earn a commission. You will use the marketing images and your affiliate link when promoting.

You can purchase our kits as a consumer and earn when you post your photos and use your affiliate link.

Am I required to purchase?

That is a great question.

We do not require our affiliates to make a purchase to be an affiliate.

You can use the marketing images in your account dashboard along with your affiliate link to promote and earn.

Can I track my earnings?

Yes of course!

You can do this from your affiliate dashboard, and our system will send out emails to you when you have made a sale through your affiliate link.

What if I dont want to affiliate?

You can reach out anytime and we can remove you as an affiliate.

What if I have more questions?

email us

Are affiliates employees?

No, affiliates are not employees of The Maker's Map. You are also not a representative of our company to speak on our behalf.

Where do I access my dashboard?

You can login to your dashboard here at anytime.

We are using Affiliatly for our affiliate program.

Is there a discount?

Occasionally we offer promotions in the shop for our customers. We do not have an affiliate only discount code at this time.

You will use any promotional codes and take advantage of sales like the public.

If we decide to offer a code to our affiliates we will reach out to you.

Read our Shop Policies

Please familiarize yourself with our entire shop policies.

Before you subscribe please Read our policies.

I would love for you to be our affiliate!

We are so excited to offer this affiliate program to fellow small businesses, crafters, makers and content creators!

You can earn a commission by inspiring others with your creativity!

Share what you make using our products with others! Your artistry can inspire so many!

I hope to see you join our affiliate program and begin promoting and earning a commission soon!

Let's inspire one another together!


Register to become an affiliate partner of and earn 10% of all affiliated sales!

It is free to become an affiliate partner. Affiliates will receive 10% of the total purchase made by customers that click your referral link!
(Customers must click and use your link for it to apply the commission to you)

If you love to craft with our wood blanks and kits, maybe you have a business and want to craft our wood blanks and kits and not keep inventory this is a great opportunity for you to earn a commission when using and promoting our products. 

*Restrictions may apply to certain products.

Earn 10 % commissions through your referring affiliate link and/or coupon code (where applicable) on qualifying purchases.
Payouts after $100 threshold has been reached. 

Your registration will be pending until approved. 

It is completely free to join!

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