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*Discount Terms

*Our discounts currently do not all stack, but some do.

You can combine up to 2 discounts. 

However, If our shop has items on sale that requires no code (you will see the price reflect that automatically) you can not stack a coupon code and free shipping with the sale.

You can not use (example) 10% off discount code on items already marked down with an automatic discount.

That would be 3 discounts. Our system does not honor that.

If at anytime our discount codes do not stack it will be because of limitations in our system or that specific coupon code does not allow it. 

Our system is set up to choose the best savings for you and applies it. So if items in your cart show 50% off and you add 2 codes, our system will chose the best discount option for you. 

Trying to use too many discounts or codes with cause an error in our system. Please do not try to exceed the limits of our shops system. 


1. if an item is 20% off, another item is 50% off and you use code freeship your cart will be honored. freeship is a shipping discount not a product discount. 

2. if an item is 20% off, another is 50% off, and you use a discount code for 10% off this will not be honored. you can not then also use code freeship because that would be too many discounts. 

Automatic sales can not be discounted again with a product discount code. Our system will apply the best product discount scenario. 

Again. It is out of our control how the system allows discount stacking but there are limitations. 

We do not offer price matching or reimbursements. Your cart shows what you are paying before you pay. Remember these terms when shopping my store.

We do not offer refunds or credits. It’s your responsibility to read our shop policies and terms before purchasing. Our policies are listed in the menu, under each item and in the footer. 

Clearance items do not qualify for additional discounts.

ATTENTION: We do not offer to credit or refund you because something went on sale after you purchased. 


See our shipping policy for the FREE SHIPPING TERMS and QUALIFYING ORDERS!