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Whether you are a beginner painter or advanced level.... Amber's paint classes are perfect for you!

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Amber's Recommended Supplies

Just getting started painting? I created a collection of supplies I recommend for our paint classes and to have on hand as you build your supplies to get you stared painting.

It is in the Amazon Favorites Shop visit the link below to check it out.


Ignite your creativity and feel amazing!

Did you know that when you engage in creative activities, you use your imagination and problem-solving skills to come up with new ideas. This can help take your mind off of your worries and focus on something positive and fun.

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Improve your mood
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Promote joyful mindset
  • Embrace a creative outlet

Not sure where to start?

You aren't alone! I am here to help!

Learn how to paint with Amber's easy to follow, step-by-step painting tutorials!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint but didn't know where to start? I got you!

I have created a collection of paint classes great for beginners!