High Quality Unique Wood Kits and Blanks for Crafters!

Meet the Team

Team work Makes the Dream work!

How do we do it all? That. is the question I get asked often!

Meet the team that makes the dream work!

I will try not to make this a photo album but I work with my family.

And I want you to be able to put a face with the names.

I also want to showcase what each person does!

Allow me to introduce you to everyone.

Small Business Made in the USA

It's More than Just a Craft Business!

I started painting furniture in my garage years ago and at one point had a home market boutique. In 2019 I shifted the business and here we are today!

I stared crafting home decor and started my blog and offered business coaching to others.

In 2020, I started offering laser cut items and it has taken off and become a huge staple in the business.

We have over 1000 kits and i have started making my own designs.

I teach people how to paint and craft. It really is a dream job!

But I dont do it all on my own.

It takes us all working together!

Meet Michelle!

Michelle is the business manager, she does alot of the things no one sees! She manages the blog, emails, customer service, pinterest, Etsy, she has crafted with you all and so much more!

Many of you have had an encounter with her! She is a breath of fresh air!

Michell has been working with us since 2020, she attended Georgia Southern for Public Relations.

She is a huge asset to our team but she is also my daughter in law. She is married to our oldest son Zach and they have 3 children.

Meet Zach

Zach ships all of our packages. He works with us part time and has had many roles, from shrink wrapping, to order pulling and packing to labeling and package shipping.

He currently processes all our labeling and shipping. He assists in pulling cut outs off the lasers, and helping to pull orders.

Zach is my oldest son, he is married Michelle and they have 3 children.

Zach has been working with us since 2019. He started packing napkins, and our crafty crates and has become a huge part of our shipping department.

Meet Dylan

Dylan has worked with me all through his high school years and through college. Dylan earned his A&P license. He runs all our lasers. He cuts all our kits and does the maintenance.

Dylan is a huge part of our team! His desk is right next to mine!

Dylan is our middle son. He has the best laugh and he is so smart!

Dylan is a huge part of our team! He has learned new programs, troubleshooting and maintenance of our lasers.

Dylan manages all the cuts of our kits daily.

Meet April

April has many titles, but we joke that she is employee of the month. She joined our team in 2022. She started by helping pull kits off the lasers.

She showed interest in learning more and now she helps pull kits, she pulls orders, packs all of the orders and is a huge part of making sure orders are processed and packed securely.

She loves her job and takes such pride in what she does!

April is the sweetest and most thoughtful person! She has grown so much in the last few years!

April is my younger sister! And I am so thankful for her and all she pours into everything.

If you have ordered from us, then you have had an encounter with the pride she takes into what she does here!

Meet Darrell

Darrell joined us in Dec 2023 when we needed help with our subscription box. He is retired from the workforce and he cuts all our sub boxes, packs them and adds the labels for them to be shipped out.

He has experience with manufacturing and production and he is very helpful to our team!

Darrell is my dad! I am his oldest daughter. It's been great being able to work with my dad.

I am thankful that I get to work with him.

He is such a great asset to our team here.

Meet Mark

Mark is my husband, we were married in April 2003, we have 3 sons and 3 grand kids!

Mark has been a huge support and team player since this adventure started!

He works behind the scenes when I need his help.

But he is a huge support and. I am so thankful for him!

Thank you for being our customer

Your purchases support these people! The heart of a small business! The team!

We are so grateful for each one of our customers!

We hope that we are able to serve you for years to come as the business evolves and grows.

Thank you for being on this adventure with us