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Craft Kits Information



Craft Kit Information & Instructions

About our kits: Our craft kits are made in house by our team using co2laser machines.

Each kit can vary due to the nature of how each is made and cut.

Currently our craft cut out kits are made using 1/8 MDF/HDF it is formaldehyde free. 

NOTE: Due to the fact that this product is made from mdf/hdf material each item can be slightly different from one another due to the materials texture. Edges and underside of the laser cut pieces can be slightly charred or have flash back due to the laser cutting process this is not a defect.

Unless noted: Our craft kits do not come with any embellishments, paint, brushes, glues or other items. Finished example photos are just that, an example of what you can do with your craft kit cut outs.

These are ready for you to paint, glitter, decoupage, use markers, watercolors and more the possibility is endless.

Important: When your craft kit arrives, please open your kits and inspect for any damages or missing pieces. Occasionally this can happen. If you have any damages or missing pieces please contact us info@themakersmap.com

We offer Wholesale & Bulk Ordering!

Interested in Wholesale/Bulk?

Our prices are retail prices on our website and our Etsy shop. If you want to inquire about bulk ordering or wholesale please email us to info@themakersmap.com 

Bulk and wholesale ordering will require purchase minimums. 


Amber Crafts her kits live on her facebook page. There is not a tutorial for every kit at this time. But when she crafts a new kit, they are organized in her tutorial group on Facebook.

The group is organized by guides and searchable also!

Getting Started

The Basic's

You will need a few supplies to get you started crafting! These supplies are ideal to have on hand along your crafting adventures.

You can shop them through my Amazon affiliate link. Visit Amber’s Influencer Favorites Shop!

You will find everything you see in the image card below. I recommend these items to get you started.

Remember any paint brand will work, and any paint marker will work perfectly as well.

One thing I will recommend that isnt shown is UV Resin if you like to use resin in your crafting. Especially for you jewelry and earring makers!

You can see a more detailed list here of the 40 craft supplies every crafter should have in their craft stash! It is really helpful for when you are filling your craft tool box.

Remember to Join my Free Tutorials Facebook Group! It is organized and you can see all the tutorial replays for the kits I have crafted!


Take a look at the instruction card you see below. It is very simple to use our unfinished wood blank DIY craft kits and paint your own earring kits!

You can wipe any flashback residue off with a wet wipe, baby wipe or sand paper.

Be gentle during this process as to not break any of the pieces. Some pieces are very small and delicate and I recommend using painters tape with low tack adhesion to help you securely hold your pieces in place.

Once you sand off any flash back residue you can start painting and/or staining and exploring your creativity!

The Flashback discoloration is not a defect.

If you find that there are void pieces still intact, gently push them through. They should pop right out.

NOTE: Sometimes our kits include tabs so that the small parts do not fall out and get lost in our laser machines.

Paint Your Own Jewelry

When it comes to crafting with our “Paint Your Own Earrings and Jewelry Collection” it is rather simple.

You can leave the jewelry hardware on and paint around it or remove it if you like before you paint. It is really up to you!

Be very careful with your earrings and Jewelry kits. The are delicate! The hardware on our earrings is Sterling Silver and some of our other hardware is stainless steel.

You can use paint markers, acrylic paint, resin, epoxy or acrylic when crafting with our jewelry kits.

Once you have painted and crafted your jewelry to your liking now its time to wear it and store it.

You can see the simple recommendations in the next image.

If you want to seal your art on your jewelry use a clear sealer. Even mod podge will work for this for general use.

Happy Crafting!

That is really all there is to it!

I appreciate you supporting my business through your purchase and even through your gift giving!

Many of you have our kits because you got them as a gift, and I hope you enjoy your kit so much!

If you want to purchase more or tell a friend see the options below.

There are so many ways you can shop and support my business.

Hope you have a blessed day!

XOXO Amber

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