Laser Cutting Service and Custom Orders

We are excited to offer laser cutting services to makers, crafters and small businesses. 

No laser? No Problem.

Are you looking for a laser cutting source for personal or commercial needs? We have several large co2 lasers and we offer our cutting services to hobbyists and small business owners.

We also offer custom order options as well. Send us your idea, or design and we will laser cut it for you.

Are you a file designer? looking to have your designs laser cut? We offer that as well.

Need a file cut for you? No problem. Send us the file and we can cut it for you. 

Send us an email to request pricing.

We now accept Sezzle

We are excited to offer Sezzle as a payment option to our customers.

There are some restrictions in our shop with paying with sezzle. Sezzle does not apply to subscriptions or memberships. Sezzle will also not apply where we have specified it is not accepted for certain products in our shop.

Learn more about sezzle below.

About Sezzle

*Sezzle may charge interest for missed payments or for failure to pay the full order amount in the agreed upon timeframe. 

**Upgrading to SezzleUp gives Sezzle permission to report your payments, missed or on time, to the Credit Bureaus which may impact your credit score positively or negatively. 

***Sezzle initially serves as a third party service provider to the Merchant in the purchase process

Shop The Makers Map is not responsible for a customer's inability to payback Sezzle if chosen as the payment method at checkout.

Contact Sezzle for any issues with payments, inability to pay, incorrect charges, disputes, or questions regarding your Sezzle payments if Sezzle is chosen as payment method at checkout.

****Using Sezzle does not affect the timeliness of your order fulfillment, shipping cost, or customer support for broken, missing, or incorrect items.

Contact us at for order specific inqueries or issues including missing, broken, or incorrect items along with shipping updates, discounts, promotions, product availability, craft instructions, and subscriptions.