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Enjoyed doing these things

It's very relaxing to come home from work and just take 15 minutes to myself to start a craft

Love it

I absolutely love being a member of the crafty crate

Standing Turkey

I didn't realize how hard it would be to sand the scrapbook paper off the edges of the feathers! I didn't have any fall napkins to use. I love the result, though!

OMGosh! These were so fun to paint up, along with the mini gnome, Uncle Sam & Let freedom ring kit. I love them..❤️


It was fun and it turned out pretty good.

First time buyer

I genuinely loved crafting this kit!
This was my first product I've bought from Amber and when it arrived I was beyond excited. I loved the extra details that were placed in my box, too.
It does take some time to craft but for me it was therapeutic and I learned some new painting techniques from her tutorial video.

An Explosion of Fun!

Although I considered doing this in various different colors, I opted for traditional Americana and I love the end result! The fireworks look especially festive being transported in the wagon base.

Picnic Time!

This picnic insert (shown with crate base) was so fun to paint and assemble! I decided to add a bit of red and white checked fabric as a finishing touch and I think it took it to the next level. Now let's get this picnic started before our little visitor summons his family and friends! 🐜😊

Love it

It is unique to other wood projects I have done

Love the quality and design!

This sign was so fun to paint and put together! It makes the perfect addition to my patriotic decor!

Craft Room

Picture below! Couldn’t add it to my earlier review!

Queen bee

Loved it

Hello Summer Round

Had trouble deciding on colors for the popsicles, but I think it came out okay.

Hello Sunshine Round

I love this round. My favorite so far!

I love this one


Love the details that I was able to do.

Melted Snowman

If you’re a snowman person this is for you.


I love butterflies and this nailed it!

Happy Camper

I bought this kit so I can put it in my camper

Plant shelf sitter

I love this one so much. I put it in the front and center with all my plants

Birdhouse interchange

I loved making it my own. I also have 4 other interchangeable crafts. Plus I sent 2 to my friend in New York

Craft Room

Perfect for door to the craft room.

I just started this one an I will send you pictures 📸 of this one when I get it finished

Crafty creates

I love the barn I have a display out side my door of all my farm animals that I have received from you I will take a picture 📸 and send it to you thank you for all the wonderful things that you have

I loved this quilt square.diid it a little different but I think it came out pretty good. Look forward to more quilt ideas from you!!! 😉