High Quality Unique Wood Kits and Blanks for Crafters!

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Do you love crafting?

Our crafting box subscription is perfect for you. The Crafty Crate was curated for those who love to make, create, and decorate.

Each month you will receive an exclusive craft box that includes either an everyday, seasonal, or holiday unfinished themed DIY Kit. 

Crafty Crate Subscribers get access to these kits one year before they are publicly released.

(Scroll to bottom for FAQ)

Exclusive Craft Kit Every Month

  • at least 1 unique laser cut kit design shipped every month

(see some of the past box examples)

  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Bonus Printables
  • Detailed live tutorial (with replay)
  • Discount Codes

When you subscribe you are billed today and then each month after on the 1st.

We bill the month in advance. Subscribe in April and You receive May's Box.

Inside your box is a detailed insert each month.

Paint, Glue, Brushes are not include.

See Bill, Ship and Craft Schedule

Cancel Anytime!

It's More than Just a Craft Box!

The Crafty Crate is a monthly gift you give yourself. That's what I believe!

As women, we spend so much time and energy taking care of everyone around us and rarely do things just for us. Each month you will receive a different DIY kit design.

The Crafty Crate contains a fun, creative and exciting DIY kit you’ll LOVE. Each kit is curated special for our subscribers. Each month we craft the contents together live in our special Facebook group, where you get to craft and engage with like minded creatives!

Each month I strive to teach something new to build your confidence, spark creativity and level up your crafting skills.

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June 2024

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The Perfect Subscription box for Crafters

Fuel your creativity with our monthly arts and craft DIY wood blank laser cut home decor project subscription boxes! Our unique subscription feature a new and engaging craft delivered to your door each month made in the USA. This is the perfect subscription box for crafters, makers and creatives. It's a Paint at home activity kit.

Designed to help you ignite your creativity and feel amazing!

Did you know that when you engage in creative activities, you use your imagination and problem-solving skills to come up with new ideas. This can help take your mind off of your worries and focus on something positive and fun.

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Improve your mood
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Promote joyful mindset
  • Embrace a creative outlet

Take the leap and Subscribe!

You won't be alone! Trust me!

There are hundreds of Crafty Crate subscribers in our community! We encourage each other, we Learn new skills, techniques, each of us become more DIY and Creative empowered, building our confidence and unlocking our inner creatives together!

I hope to see you in our private Facebook Community and can't wait for you to get your first Crafty Crate DIY Subscription Craft kit Box.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am worried I won't like each months kit.

It's true, I only share sneak peeks of the upcoming months kit project with you and you won't see the full project until its delivered to your door, but check out our past projects above to get an idea of what type of kits we send. They are fun and versatile designs you can proudly display in your home.

Maybe you don't need the specific months kit for your home, you can always gift it! Can you Imagine the pride you'd have gifting something YOU made to a dear friend or loved one and then seeing it displayed in their home! That is just so rewarding.

Who designs the kits?

This is a great question!

I have purchased designs from other small businesses. Those designs have been cut and sent to our subscribers over the last 2 years.

As of Nov 2023 I decided to try and make sure that each kit design in our Crafty Crate boxes that we send out be something unique.

I have started making my own designs or drastically making changes to designs that I have permission to edit that I have purchased the license for.

I will say that I am still new to this design stuff but I am learning.

Some crafty crate designs are from scratch made by me. Some designs are a mash up and some designs I made minimal changes.

There was a concern that the designs I had offered were offered by other sellers and my subscribers wanted an exclusive special design and I am doing my best to deliver on that.

Can I see what I am getting first?

I share sneak peeks of the upcoming Crafty Crate box but I was intentional about making sure each box is a surprise every month!

Many of our subscribers say that is what they love most about the Crafty Crate is the surprise every month.

They feel like each box is a Christmas gift to themselves!

Occasionally I will share the upcoming box because there is important information to know about it to help Crafty Crate Subscribers prepare.

Otherwise each months kit design is a surprise.

How often will I get a Crafty Crate?

You will receive a Crafty Crate each month until you cancel.

We do not manage customer accounts so you must cancel in your account dashboard.

Crafty Crate Shipping Schedule

What if I am new to crafting and not that creative?

My name is Amber, and I am here to walk you through each and every step of every project with a live video tutorial each month and you have full access to replay as many times as you need to.

I guide you through every step of the craft kit project.

The Crafty Crate kits are designed for any level of crafter!

I take the time to teach fun techniques, tips and tricks.

This is what one of our beginner subscribers had to say:

"I was hesitant to subscribe because I was new to crafting, but I am excited to say that I am so glad I subscribed. Amber made it so easy to learn, she shows step by step and encouraged me. I absolutely LOVE the Crafty Crate subscription box!

I look forward to each month when my box arrives! I am excited to learn and challenge myself and have a good time.

And I absolutely love that other subscribers post their finished projects so that I can see what they did and be inspired by others.

Another thing I love is that Amber spends her time with all of her subscribers! She really invests in each of us to help us explore our creative side!

- Pam M.

What are the shipping & billing details?

The Crafty Crate Monthly Box has free shipping!

See the schedule here

Billing: When you subscribe you are billed immediately. Our system then will automatically bill you on the first of the following month and each month after you have subscribed.

Our billing is in advance.

Example: if you subscribe on October 30th you are billed immediately for Novembers Box. (remember we bill for the month in advance.)

You will then be billed on the first of November for Decembers box.

This has always been our billing terms.

*At some point you may be billed twice before your first box arrives depending on when you subscribed to the craft box.

What if I want to cancel?


You can cancel anytime! I get it, sometimes things come up or you just no longer want to receive the Crafty Crate! When I started this subscription the last thing I wanted was my subscribers to feel like they couldn't cancel.

There are no subscription requirements and you can login to your account anytime and cancel.

If you just want to skip a month, reach out to us and we can take care of that for you! You may only skip one month.

Remember, You don't have to call us or email, you are able to take care of your own subscription management from your account dashboard under "my subscriptions".

When will I get my box?

That is a great question.

When you first subscribe you are billed immediately and then you are billed the 1st of each folllowing month.


You subscribe January 1st. You will receive February's box which will ship the first week of February.

All our boxes ship the first week in the month.

Remember that we bill one month in advance.

If you cancel you may still receive the following months box.

See Bill, ship Craft Schedule

What if I need to update my card?

You can do that right inside your account dashboard.

You login and go to your account and then visit the "my subscriptions" area and update there.

We do send out automated emails for failed payments to remind you to update your billing.


What if I don't want my box?

You can cancel anytime, however we do not refund or cancel shipments.

Any outstanding boxes that are due to you will be honored and shipped.

We do not offer credits, refunds or exchanges.

You can always gift your box to a friend or family member.

We do not offer to sell your box to someone else.

What if I have Broken or Missing Pieces?

It can be so frustrating to receive a product and something is broken or missing, this is why we offer to ship out replacements to you.

If your Crafty Crate arrives damaged by the postal service you will need to file a claim with them.

If your Crafty Crate arrives and something is missing we will gladly ship you free of charge the missing pieces.

What Do I do when My Box Arrives?

Great question! We are asked this often!

Open your box and explore what is inside. Inspect all pieces and find the printed insert in your box.

On that insert is a photo of the kit included in that months box, a QR code that takes you right to the Facebook group, the date and time of the craft night and other information to help you get started.

What comes in each box?

Great question! Each month you will get a laser cut unfinished blank wood cut out kit.

You will need your own paint, brushes, glue and other supplies.

From time to time we include special embellishments. Not all boxes will have embellishments. Example would be twine, beads and other special materials.

We do not include paint or glue because we found that our subscribers want to use their own colors and supplies.

There is a recommended supply list in the Facebook group for you to review to help you get started if you are new to crafting and not sure what you need in your craft stash.

Can I get another box? Past Box?

Each months kit is exclusive to subscribers for 1 year.

You can only order past boxes when they release publicly.

Occasionally we have over cut current months kits and we add them to the shop for the public to buy with no subscription requirement. This rarely happens but it is a treat for non-subscribers when it does.

We typically email and text when we have extra kits left over.

You can see our past boxes in the page linked here

We currently do not offer current boxes. Maybe in the future for active subscribers.

Is there a discount?

Occasionally we offer promotions in the shop and we may offer promotions for your 1st months box.

We do not always offer a promotion for our subscription box.

If there is an open promotion you will see it listed on this page and the product page.

We do not offer bulk discounts for multiple subscriptions. The box is already a great value.

Read our Subscription and Shop Policies

Before you subscribe please read our subscription and shop policies.

You can read the entire terms and details of this subscription here before subscribing.

Crafty Crate Monthly Box is shipped out every month on a subscription basis. This is not a one-time purchase.


You are billed the month before your first box arrives.

Example: You are billed in May for June's Box. You are billed May 1st for June box and so on. We will occasionally offer spots for current month boxes before they ship. You will then be billed again for the following months box. Please remember this. 

Example: If you subscribe on May 8th for June's box, you are billed next on June 1st for July's Box and so on. 

NOTE: Your payment will be drafted today, and then each month after it will be drafted on the first of the month. 

Here is our Monthly Box Calendar so you can understand how you are billed and when your box will arrive. 

Boxes ship in the first week of the month. Shipping is included for the monthly boxes.

We print all shipping labels mid month. You will get an email around 2 weeks prior to your box shipping. You can visit the link in the email to track your box based on our shipping schedule listed above for each months box. 

Our craft night together in the private facebook group will be live and it will typically be during the 3rd week of the month on a Thursday at 7pm EST. (see the schedule)

Each box will show the craft night date and time for that months box that you are getting on your insert, if you happen to not have an insert there is a copy in the FB group.

If your payment for the next months box fails, we will retry one time to collect, if it fails again your subscription will cancel and your spot for a box will be offered to the wait list. 

There are limited monthly boxes, we will only open to new members if a subscriber cancels or we add extra open spots.

Each craft kit is only available to the monthly box subscribers and it will not be available in my shop for 1 year.

Occasionally, These designs (some are not my own) could be offered by other designer/sellers. There are no virtual options at this time for the Crafty Crate Monthly Box.

The Crafty Crate Monthly box will include a craft kit along with that month's embellishments for that kit (IF ANY). Paint, glue, as well as other supplies, are NOT included. We do not promise that each month will include any embellishments. 

Each box includes an insert, if for any reason there is not an insert in your box, you will find that insert in the Facebook group that is just for Monthly Box subscribers in the topics/guide section.

The Crafty Crate Monthly boxes will include a craft kit that we make ourselves in-house. We cut the design, using a laser machine, materials are USA Sourced and the craft kits are made and packed by us in the USA! 

I am sure over time our craft box will grow and change but we all start somewhere!


We are not responsible for duplicate subscriptions. Be sure you are only subscribing once. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen packages, we do not send replacements for lost or stolen packages and we will not reship your box because your address was incorrect or not updated ahead of time. 

Because you are billed in advance for your monthly box, you need to let us know in advance if you have a new address so we can manually change it on our end.

It is your responsibility to cancel if you no longer want to be subscribed we do not offer refunds or order cancellations.  Login to your account and manage your subscription there. 

if you need to cancel at any point you must login to cancel your subscription prior to the next billing cycle. Login here to cancel.

We do not edit or cancel orders. We can not combine orders either. 

What if I want multiple boxes?

Many of our subscribers order multiple boxes.

Sign up and chose your quantity. We will ship these bundled together.

We have several subscribers who do group craft nights.

Can I gift a subscription box?

Of course!

We have a few subscribers that gift a box to a friend or family member.

When you subscribe, you will enter the address of the person you are gifting the subscription box to.

You are billed in your account but the box is sent to them.

Got more questions?

Email us