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Amber Strong - The Maker’s Map

Mystery Craft Supply Box

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This is for a mystery craft supply box not a crafty crate craft kit. Each box will contain between 10-15 various items inside.

They are random items. Could be popsicle sticks, wood letters, seasonal items, twine, glue sticks, wood shapes, dollar tree items, wood beads to name a few. Could be 10 of the same item. It is a mystery! 

YOU ARE NOT GETTING A CRAFTY CRATE as we have done before. This is a CRAFTY CRATE MYSTERY CRAFT SUPPLY BOX. We used boxes we already labeled to pack these up to clear space. Again, this is not an actual crafty crate. 

I will not promise your box will come with any of those items I listed as an example. But your box will come with 10-15 items inside to craft with. 

At this time we are not offering individual craft supply items to order.

Shipping is NOT included for this specific box. 



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