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Bird House Base for ROUND Interchangeable inserts

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This everyday paint-your-own craft kit includes the mdf wood blank bird house base for ROUND MINI Interchangeable Base DIY Craft Kit. You get one starter insert with this kit. It says spring is in the air and has a flower, a tag piece and butterfly. 

Note: there is no where specifically to hang a tag on this one so just add it where ever you like with a piece of twine or ribbon or hang on branch. 

NOTE: there is a blank circle that we’ve included that is the fall out. You can add tape to help it set inside but it’s included for you to use if you want but it is a scrap piece. 

Note: if rounds are tight or don’t go in correctly sand the edges. We made them tight because after removing them repeatedly they can wear down. 

if your insert does wear down I use painters tape or double sided tape to help mine stick rather than Velcro or magnet. The tape is thin and sits flush. (Tape not included) 

SIZE: ASSEMBLED it Measures 12 in x 8 in

This Base is compatible with my ROUND MINI inserts. Box/Slot/Tab inserts are not designed for this base.

Use your creativity and to customize and personalize this blank DIY craft kit!

This kit does not include paint, glue, brushes, or any additional embellishments to complete the Interchangeable Base DIY Craft Kitt.

You will only receive the wooden craft kit pieces shown in the photos. Finished, painted examples are for inspiration only.

Email us at info@themakersmap.com if you're interested in bulk purchasing or wholesale options!

You are not getting any other round inserts shown. They are example of others available sold separately 

You can shop the interchangeable inserts here

All inserts are sold separately with the exception of the one that’s included. 

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Loraine M.
Birdhouse interchange

I loved making it my own. I also have 4 other interchangeable crafts. Plus I sent 2 to my friend in New York