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Annual Commercial License

Annual Commercial License

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Our cutout svg files are for personal and small business use only.

If you plan to buy files and sell blanks, in bulk or wholesale, a license will be required. If you do not have a laser machine, cnc or other machine and need blanks cut, you can not give this file to your supplier/cutter. That supplier/cutter will need to purchase the license as well to be authorized to cut for you. We do not allow file sharing.

If you plan to sell any of our blanks/designs at wholesale you must purchase a commercial license to do so. Wholesale refers to sold at wholesale prices (discounted prices). Our “Commercial License” allows you to sell our blanks at wholesale prices for ONE year. License is $100. (This will need to be renewed each year - every 12 months from the time you purchase renews automatically). This is a yearly subscription. 

*If you do not renew your license or your license lapses, you must cease selling blanks, bulk and wholesale immediately and remove all listings. 

This annual wholesale/blanks license purchase does not give you the rights to selling this file, trading this file or giving this file away. License only allows you to sell blanks, bulk or at wholesale prices.

NO FILES ARE INCLUDED WITH THE LICENSE. You must purchase each file separately. Nothing will be sent to you. You are purchasing a digital license.

Please do not offer blanks at retail price less than the price that I sell mine. I've done my research and I have priced my kits within the market prices (I sell wood blanks). This is unacceptable and your license will be revoked if you are found doing so. Refund will not be issued for your license purchase. 

Wholesale price allowed is typically 30% discount off retail price up to 40% discount.


DO NOT REDESIGN MY FILES. Do not claim my files as your own. Do not use my photos EVER. Do not File share.

Annual Small Business Commercial License:

This license is intended for small businesses and makers who intend to sell unfinished metal or wood blanks to customers in their workshops, physical shops, websites, Etsy Shops and Facebook Groups.

This License is required by anyone who plans on selling unfinished Wood Blanks or Metal Cut outs from Amber Strong DIY -The Maker's Map digital SVG Design Files.

License is required for selling metal and wood blanks.

The License covers all SVG Design files from Amber Strong DIY- The Maker's Map to include unlimited use for metal or wood blank for small businesses, for 1 full year from date of purchase.

This Wholesale Commercial License is not meant for mass production of metal or wood blanks by big business in the commercial industry. Mass production of my metal or wood blanks is prohibited

Photos are NOT included. Please use your own photos for your business. Photos may not be shared in your groups , workshops and may not to be shared with any third parties, such as your buyers. Take your own photos!

You must purchase this annual license if you plan to sell any quantity of blanks. Even if it is just one!

Copyrights are the property of Amber Strong DIY. You agree to all terms by purchasing or downloading our files.

My designs are made in lightburn and occasionally using procreate. Not all of my kits are my own designs so you will not be able to purchase any of those designs from me because they are not mine to sell. 

I am not a seasoned designer but I had multiple requests to offer some of my designs for others to use for their businesses. 

Please respect my business and do not under cut my prices in any way.

This is disrespectful and it is not competitive. You are leaving money on the table for your business when you undercut others and it cheapens the market.

This license does not apply to my printable designs. 

By Purchasing this license you agree to all copyright law terms and my shop policies.

Shipping Information: We recieve a high volume of orders. We fill orders in which they are recieved. Shipping may take up to 4 weeks for your order to be pulled, packed and finally shipped. Please plan ahead. Tracking will be emailed when your order ships. See our shipping policy in the menu. The holidays may impact shipping times.

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Shipping Information:

We receive a high volume of orders. We fill orders in which they are received. Shipping may take up to 4 weeks for your order to be pulled, packed and finally shipped. Please plan ahead. Tracking will be emailed when your order ships. See our full shipping policy here.